Laura is a Chicago raised artist whose personal art focuses on oil painting and mixed media. She has work hanging throughout the city of Chicago as well a large collection spread across the country in commissioned work done for private clients. Laura began studying art in Santa Barbara before heading back to Chicago to obtain a degree in fine arts from Columbia College. Most recently she helped form Revolving Collections Gallery, which allows her to combine her unique artistic talents with her ability to curate the perfect gallery for any space. These talents are most recently displayed in the lobby of the P.H. Towers by Westgate in Las Vegas. Laura's Tower's Gallery is currently showing a collection of her pieces designed to illuminate the lobby with images specifically designed to capture the essence of P.H. Towers. In addition to continuing her own artistic pursuits she is working to expand her curating offering through Revolving Collections Gallery, which aims to create gallery spaces that result in tailored art programs designed to reflect the client's culture, message and identity.