I find inspiration in the uniqueness of each individual. Its what's found at the core that drives my passion. We live in a world where first impressions are long lasting and an individual's true beauty is often missed when viewed at a glance. I strongly believe vision goes well beyond sight. It is my goal to fully understand one's inner spirit and capture their essence in art.

The process that works best to communicate this for me is to do this through my abstract portraits. If you strip away all that is representational, what we normally see with just our eyes, you are left with movement, color and spirit. You see rawness and beauty and are exposed to the individual's inner energy.

In our fast-moving world, we often forget to just sit and enjoy the stillness. I want to create art that forces the observer to take the time to enjoy this stillness, letting the art simmer. I want to invite the viewer to quiet their mind, embrace the painting and to experience another human being within that painting. When producing custom work for a home or commercial space, I also invite my clients to become an integral part of the process. I enjoy going into their environment and immersing myself in the energy of the space. I strive to create art that is in harmony with the space and their individual personalities

- Laura